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Although they are designed to last for many years, all air conditioning systems will eventually need replacement. Most air conditioners should last between 10 and 20 years before the system loses too much efficiency or suffers a breakdown that isn’t economically feasible to repair. If you have decided to replace your air conditioning in Baltimore, taking a few factors into consideration during your selection process will ensure you choose a new air conditioning system that will cool your home efficiently and help you save money every year on your electrical bills.

Evaluate Your Cooling Needs

Your cooling needs will largely dictate the best type of air conditioning system for your home. If you already have a central air system, replacing your current air conditioner with a similar model often makes the most economic sense. However, if you have been using window air conditioner units to keep your home cool, the need to replace one or more of them is a great chance to re-evaluate your home’s cooling needs. A ductless mini-split system can replace some or all of your window air conditioning units for more convenient cooling without the need for ductwork. If you have a large home that already incorporates a duct system, adding zoning or a second air conditioner could help you cool your home more efficiently by allowing you to customize when and where you want cooled air. Finally, regardless of the air conditioning system you choose, you should have your home evaluated professionally to determine the capacity of the unit you need. Air conditioners are rated with cooling capacities that describe the amount of space they can effectively cool—purchasing an air conditioner that is too large or too small for the space you want to cool will not deliver the temperature and humidity control you want.

Explore Your Efficiency Options

Modern air conditioning technology is making leaps and bounds in the field of efficiency. Opting for a more efficient air conditioner will mean drawing less power from your community power grid to run your air conditioning, which will in turn help you save money and conserve natural resources by reducing your home’s power consumption. While you don’t need to purchase a top-of-the-line air conditioner, you should consider the benefits of balancing efficiency with budget to purchase an air conditioner with the greatest efficiency you can comfortably afford. Spending the money today to buy and install an efficient air conditioning unit will help you save more over the long term; you could save as much as 20-40% of your current energy bills by replacing an air conditioner that is ten or more years old. Other factors you may want to consider are the condition and age of your home’s furnace. If your furnace is as old as your air conditioner, it may soon need replacement as well. Opting to replace your heating and cooling system with a heat pump, which can heat and cool your home efficiently using a single appliance, could also help you increase your home’s eco-friendliness and save money on both heating and cooling throughout the year.

If you’re ready to replace your air conditioning in Baltimore, our professionals can help you every step of the way, from guiding you to the right purchase to professional installation, maintenance, and repairs. You can find out more about your air conditioning options when you read through the articles in our blog, or get in touch with us on our website to view our cooling products and services.

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