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Drain Cleaning Services Maryland

Do you have a clogged drain or sewer line? Do you need drain cleaning in Baltimore, MD or the surrounding areas? Is the water trickling out of your faucets about to drive you crazy? Sink drains and sewer lines can often become clogged due to debris, such as soap scum, hair, dirt, grease, tree roots and clay. If you don’t clear your clogged drain or sewer line in a timely manner, the result could be substantial damage, costing you thousands of dollars.

sink drain

Pinpoint Your Drain or Sewer Clog

ARS/Rescue Rooter uses state of the art video technology to pinpoint exactly where the clogs in your sewer or drain lines are. As a result, you save both time and money since we can quickly diagnose the problem. Once the issue is determined, our highly trained plumbing professionals will quote you on the drain or sewer line repair work needed. With your approval, we will then complete the drain cleaning service in your Baltimore, MD home and ensure that the water is flowing properly.

Call the professionals at ARS / Rescue Rooter if you have clogged drains or sewer lines! We’ll send one of our expert drain cleaning technicians to your  Baltimore, MD home as quickly as possible to provide an expert solution. Just call (301) 927-7100 or request an appointment online!


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