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Maintenance is the cornerstone of an efficient, long-lasting, and reliable HVAC system. Over time, wear and tear take their toll on working components, while dirt and dust buildup hinder efficient operation and lower the quality of the indoor air you breathe. HVAC maintenance combats these effects; however, the key to getting the most from your efforts is to ensure that maintenance occurs on a regular schedule. Home service plans are a simple way to help you get more from maintenance by guaranteeing that your HVAC system receives the personalized service it needs year after year.

A Consistent Service Baseline

Maintenance is most effective when it is consistent. Even if you start out maintaining a new HVAC system regularly, allowing your system to go longer and longer between tune-ups can offset the benefits of the maintenance you’ve received in the past, as well as any future appointments you schedule. By ensuring your HVAC system receives two tune-ups each year, a home service plan will allow you to reap the greatest rewards from this important service. Following the right tune-up schedule will also provide your HVAC service with all the information needed to recommend replacements and repairs as they become necessary while prolonging the time between needed repairs and maximizing year-round system efficiency by keeping your HVAC appliances clean and lubricated at all times.

ARS Laurel technician with happy customer

Personalized Service Recommendations

While your HVAC service technicians are trained to evaluate any situation and offer the best solution possible, experience with your HVAC system can improve these service recommendations immensely. By allowing your technician to care for your system regularly on the schedule provided by your home service plan, you’ll also allow your technician to become better acquainted with your appliances, your home, and your usage habits. All of this information plays a part in more personalized service, including more tailored recommendations regarding new HVAC appliances when it comes time to consider furnace or air conditioner replacement.

Lower-Cost Repairs and Replacement

Home service plans come with several added advantages, including preferred customer pricing and priority 24-hour emergency service scheduling. Both of these benefits combine to reduce your overall heating and cooling costs, especially when you need repairs or replacement. Preferred pricing offers upfront savings on all necessary services as your HVAC system ages in place, while priority scheduling means you’ll enjoy faster repairs. Addressing heating and cooling issues immediately reduces the costs of running a system suffering from efficiency losses, while also minimizing the potential damage an issue can cause to keep your overall repair costs lower. When you aren’t worried about paying high prices for repair or emergency service, you’ll be more likely to act quickly and enjoy the long-lasting financial benefits of scheduling the repairs or system replacement you need sooner rather than later.

Our convenient and affordable home service plans are designed to meet your personal HVAC needs in Annapolis or wherever you go with nationwide flexibility and preferred pricing on all heating and cooling services, repairs, and replacements. You can find out more about our home service plans and additional HVAC solutions, including indoor air quality products and new thermostat installation, when you click through our comprehensive website. We also encourage you to continue browsing our blog for the latest HVAC news and timely tips you can use to keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

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