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Not Changing Your Air Filter

Air filters keep dirt and dust out of your HVAC system and the air you breathe in your home. When they fill up with these contaminants, it can slow down the flow of air into your HVAC unit, reducing its efficiency. Help your furnace or air conditioner circulate air effectively by changing its air filter once per month. This is especially important during months of peak use, such as the height of summer or the depths of winter.

In Laurel, MD, keeping a home cool in the summer and warm in winter is a costly endeavor. The last thing you want is to spend even more of your hard-earned money on heating and cooling expenses you don’t need—or on bad advice that does more harm than good. To find out if you’re wasting money on heating and cooling your Laurel home, learn more about these costly HVAC mistakes by reading further:

Keeping Your System at Full Blast All Day

Many homeowners are under the mistaken impression that it’s best to keep their Laurel HVAC system at a stable temperature all day. On the contrary, easing the demand on your furnace or air conditioner when you’re not at home can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs. In the winter, program your thermostat to turn down 10 degrees when you’re not at home or sleeping. During especially hot summer days, program your thermostat up to around 80 degrees.

Cranking Your Thermostat

When your home is too hot or cold, it can be tempting to crank your thermostat to fix the problem. This will not make your home warm up or cool down any faster, however. In fact, cranking your thermostat can put added strain on your furnace boilers and air conditioner condensers, leading to maintenance problems down the road. Always set your thermostat only to the temperature you want.

Allowing Air to Escape

In the past, you may have held open a door only to be greeted by the admonishment, “I’m not paying to heat the outdoors!” Many homeowners take great pains to keep heated and cooled air inside. You should too. Make sure your attic and walls are well insulated by scheduling an energy audit. You should also ensure that your air ducts are sealed. In some homes, up to 20 percent of an HVAC system’s production is lost through leaky air ducts.

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