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If one of your children takes a shower, do you find that the kitchen faucet just sputters out water? Or if your laundry machine is on, does your lawn sprinkler system just seem to drip? If this constant fluctuation is upsetting, you can easily solve the problem with a constant pressure pump.

As water passes through the water line, your water pressure is sampled several times a second by the pressure controller. Based on the pressure reading, the controller will either speed up or slow down the motor outputting the water. This concept is very similar to that of a cruise control on your care. The speeding up or slowing down allows for a consistent flow through the pump, and can improve many water pump applications.

Consult the plumbing team at ARS about your existing pump, or fill out our online form. Our professional Plumbing Consultants will visit your home and determine if a constant pressure pump would be a good option for you.

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