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Over time, pipes and drains in your home can become clogged or corroded due to dirt, grime and debris. Hair can cause the need for shower drain repair, while grease is the common cause of kitchen drain repair.

You can usually clear simple clogs yourself with a plunger or over-the-counter chemicals. However, you may not realize a drain is clogged until you have water all over the floor due to a broken or punctured pipe. In addition to costing you more money and time, floods can also result in unwanted smells and mold throughout your home.

To prevent plumbing catastrophes and the constant need for such things as shower drain and sewer line repair, you should have drain cleaning performed by a professional plumbing contractor on a regular basis. Being proactive with your drains will most often be much cheaper than repairing. In addition, clean pipes can result in healthier water as well as lower water bills since water can quickly and easily flow. Dirty drains can contain an abundance of bacteria, germs and mold that pass through your water into your laundry machine, faucets, and dishwasher.

When choosing a contractor such as ARS/Rescue Rooter to provide your drain cleaning in Maryland, you should make sure the company:

Guarantees not to harm or destroy your belongings, appliances, or home, or they will replace whatever is damaged free of charge.

  • Offers flat rate pricing by the job instead of hourly rates.
  • Has a good reputation from previous customers.
  • Will leave your home clean after the work is completed.
  • Will make you aware of any additional costs and get your approval before the work is performed.
  • Is able to address your problem in hours, rather than days.
  • Is adequately staffed to provide 24 hour emergency service.

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