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Save with Air Conditioning Maintenance in Maryland

ARS of Laurel can help you with all your air conditioning maintenance needs in Maryland and beyond. Our expert team offers both one time and regular maintenance to homeowners living in the area, and we would love to help you save money by making sure your equipment is working as well as it can be once the weather warms up.

Why maintenance matters

Air conditioning units benefit from being put on a periodic maintenance schedule, which can help you save money by preventing issues down the line. Regularly maintained equipment functions more efficiently, as all of the parts have been inspected to make sure things are working correctly. In addition, maintenance technicians can spot potential problems when the issues are small and inexpensive to fix, rather than having you address things down the line when something breaks. Much like a car, it’s always more convenient to stay ahead of any problems!

Some basic maintenance tasks can be done by the homeowner, while others are best completed by qualified service technicians. Since AC units are only used part of the year in Maryland, maintenance can be done in the off-season—just prior to the warmer spring and summer days. We know from experience that HVAC companies can get pretty busy once the weather turns hot, so getting any service done early is your smartest move!

Homeowner maintenance tasks

As a homeowner, there are a number of things you can do to make sure your AC unit is going to work properly. Ongoing maintenance includes things like keeping the compressor unit clear and free from weeds, plants and debris, all of which can block the airflow needed for the device to function properly. You can also look into getting a cover for your unit for the winter months. This can help protect the compressor from harsh winter weather.

Filter maintenance is another task the homeowner can perform if they desire. You’ll need to know your unit’s filter size, as well as the basics on how to take one out and put another in. Consult your manual for information. If you prefer, you can have an HVAC professional take care of this task as a part of the maintenance service.

Professional AC maintenance

Companies such as ours offer both periodic and regular maintenance for your air conditioning system. Our technicians come out to your home and inspect the equipment, looking for any problem areas and giving everything a quick “tune up” to make sure everything is running right. Our maintenance service includes a thorough check of all connections, ductwork, filters, drain lines, and the compressor, as well as a charge if needed. To get a complete list of the tasks we have on our maintenance list, give us a call.

Other money-saving tips for AC

Although it’s probably the biggest potential money saver, ongoing maintenance isn’t the only way to cut costs when it comes to your air conditioning system. Here are some smart strategies for keeping your cooling costs on the low side:

  • Consider investing in a programmable thermostat.

    These devices are great money savers, as you can program temperature based on your needs and set it back when you don’t. For example, if you work during the day and nobody will be home, a programmable thermostat allows you to keep your home a bit warmer to save energy. ARS of Laurel installs these kinds of units and would be happy to advise you on a brand and style that will work well for your household. The savings can really add up! Many programmable thermostats are very user-friendly, but our technicians can also walk you through the basics if you need a bit of help getting set up.

  • Get your ductwork sealed.
    Tiny cracks and crevices allow cool air to escape, resulting in less efficient airflow. Let our team help you seal up the areas where one duct joins another so that you won’t lose that precious, conditioned air.
  • Use your window treatments. Simply closing up the blinds and using your curtains to limit direct sunlight can help keep inside temperatures low. If you love the brightness, consider leaving your main living areas more open and closing up the windows on rooms you don’t use as frequently.
  • Keep cool air inside. Make sure doors and windows are all closed tight, and seal up any problem areas. Big cracks under doors and poor weather stripping can cause leakage, and the loss of cool air can be significant. You may even want to consider doing an energy audit to see where your weak spots are located.
  • Insulate. Although this may not be a practical suggestion for everyone, for those who are doing any remodeling or new building it’s something to consider carefully. When you insulate well, you keep more of the conditioned air inside your home. Although this may result in a higher initial cost, the savings down the line can be well worth it.

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