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Precise temperature and humidity control are important for your health and comfort. Because they are in use for most of the year, heating and cooling systems represent a major source of energy consumption in the home. However, there are many easy steps you can take to heat and cool your home more efficiently, thus reducing your family’s carbon footprint and the amount you pay on your monthly bills without sacrificing the temperature control you want. If you have more questions about efficient and eco-friendly home heating and cooling in Baltimore, MD, your HVAC service can provide personalized answers and information.

Learn to Use Your Programmable Thermostat

If your home has a programmable thermostat, you already have a valuable tool in the fight against inefficient heating and cooling right at your fingertips. However, many homeowners don’t know how to properly utilize a programmable thermostat to get the greatest benefits. Programmable thermostats help you save energy and money by remembering to change your heating and cooling needs without your prompting. Changing the way you heat and cool your home based on your daily and weekly schedule is a simple yet effective way to see real energy savings. First, take some time to sit down with your user’s manual and learn more about the available modes and programming options. Then, draw up a weekly schedule of your activities and mark times when you are not home so you can create a program that reduces heating or cooling while you’re away, but provides the comfort you want while you are home.

Learn Simple Maintenance Tasks

Your HVAC technician is a great resource when it comes to saving energy at home. While most of your heating and cooling system’s maintenance needs must be met by a professional, there are a few simple maintenance tasks you can perform on your own between biannual service visits. Changing the furnace filter, cleaning the area around your air conditioner’s condenser, and vacuuming out the area immediately inside your air register covers can all help your HVAC system say cleaner and perform more efficiently to reduce the amount of energy it requires to heat and cool your home. If you aren’t sure how to care for your HVAC system, talk to your service technician during his next visit for tips and a demonstration to make sure you’re handling these tasks properly to see the greatest gain.

Eliminate Air Sinks

Air sinks are any area of your home where heated or cooled air put out by your HVAC system is lost. Common air sinks in the average home include poorly-maintained ductwork, deteriorating seals around windows and doors, and uninsulated openings in the home’s exteriors, such as for vents and pipes. All of these sinks can contribute to heating and cooling loss that means your HVAC system is consuming energy to condition air that never reaches your living spaces. Having your ducts sealed and addressing the area around exterior doors and windows with foam or weatherstripping are all excellent ways to ensure you’re actually benefitting from all of the air you pay to heat and cool.

Do you have more questions about home heating and cooling efficiency in Baltimore? Click on over to our website for more details about our services, including tune-ups, home service plans, and new appliance installations. We also invite you to check our blog regularly for new posts with the information you need to enjoy a more comfortable home for less.

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