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Your HVAC system provides home comfort throughout the year, regardless of whether the temperature outside is high or low. However, there are several factors that can affect the performance of your heating and cooling appliances, causing issues that range from a change in the comfort of your living spaces to breakdowns that bring your furnace or air conditioner to a complete halt. The best way to avoid the most severe HVAC issues is to maintain your heating and cooling systems and call your residential HVAC service for help as soon as you notice a change in home comfort or your energy costs. Addressing issues as they arise or taking steps to prevent the most common problems will provide not only peace of mind, but added returns from your HVAC system as well.

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You’re Having Trouble Getting the Temperature You Want

The main function of your HVAC system is to deliver efficient heating or cooling so you can precisely control the temperature inside your home. Although your HVAC system may work harder during extreme weather, you should always be able to achieve the comfortable environment you want. If you notice that your heating or cooling system is having trouble reaching or maintaining your desired set temperature, it’s time to call your HVAC service to schedule a visit. Minor wear and tear is often responsible for poor HVAC performance and is a simple issue to address; however, ignoring the signs that your HVAC system is beginning to struggle will only allow the problem to worsen until your system is headed for a more serious breakdown.

You’re Paying Higher-Than-Normal Bills

Even if you haven’t noticed a change in heating or cooling performance, you may still see a slow-but-steady increase on your home’s monthly energy bills. When your HVAC system is suffering from poor efficiency, it will require more energy input to create the heating or cooling you want, even when it is able to reach your desired temperature and humidity levels. Because you aren’t suffering from a change in home comfort, however, you may not know that your HVAC system is experiencing an issue until the problem has progressed significantly. Checking your monthly utility bills and comparing them with the same bills from past years is a great way to establish a general baseline for your heating and cooling costs and alert you to the need for HVAC service when a change in efficiency occurs.

You’re Noticing Poor Air Quality

Your home’s indoor air quality also relies on an efficient HVAC system. When your heating or cooling appliances are dirty, worn, or damaged, you’re likely to notice changes such as poor humidity control or an increased amount of pollutants in your air, which may make keeping your home clean more difficult or lead to an increase in noticeable asthma and allergy symptoms. If you’re concerned about changes in your indoor air quality, your first step should be to call your residential HVAC service. In many cases, simple maintenance is all that’s needed to restore the healthy indoor environment your family deserves.

Have you noticed changes in the performance of your home’s heating and cooling system? Our residential HVAC service in Baltimore, MD, offers comprehensive HVAC solutions that include biannual maintenance plans, prompt repairs, and new installations when it’s time to upgrade or update your home’s comfort system. You can find out more about our current specials and year-round services when you click through our website, or check out our latest blog articles for even more home heating and cooling tips.

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