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Your air conditioner provides your home with cooled air for a comfortable environment throughout the summer season. While you may notice right away if your AC stops working, there are many subtler signs that your system needs AC repair in Baltimore. Knowing how to spot these smaller signs that it’s time to schedule AC maintenance or repair can save you from high cooling bills and poor air conditioning performance when you need your cooling system in peak condition.

Check Your System

Performing a quick visual check of your AC every month can alert you immediately to any signs of potential trouble. Look for issues such as dents, dirt buildup, leaks, or other obvious wear and tear that should be addressed by an AC repair professional. In some cases, you may notice water or mold beneath or around the unit, which signals a possible leak even if you don’t actively see water dripping at the time. You should also check your evaporator coils for ice buildup, which indicates poor airflow and the need for a professional cleaning and tune-up. Additionally, take a look at your outdoor condenser fins to identify any bent or broken fins that should be addressed by your AC repair service to improve airflow through the system for better cooling.

Check Your Energy Bills

Most homes experience an increase in energy bills during the summer due to the electrical needs of an air conditioning system. While you should expect an increase in energy consumption, it can be beneficial to check the energy consumption each month against the energy your home consumed during the same month in past years. Although there may be some variation due to temperature and AC usage, your energy bills should be roughly the same from year to year. If you are seeing a drastic increase in the amount of energy used in your home this year when compared to previous years, it could indicate a drop in AC efficiency that requires repairs to address. It’s always a good idea to call in an AC repair technician to evaluate your unit and determine the reason for its increased energy usage.

Take Note of Your Environment

Even if your air conditioner appears to be in good condition, there are other signs that it may not be functioning as you expect. If your home feels too warm or you find yourself adjusting your thermostat lower than you have in the past, this indicates a drop in efficiency that can be reversed with AC repair. Additionally, if your home feels humid or you have been experiencing problems with condensation, mold, or even worsening asthma and allergy symptoms, these are also indications that your air conditioner is not properly removing dirt, dust, and humidity from your indoor air. In most cases, all your air conditioner will need is a thorough cleaning and simple repairs to restore its ability to create the comfortable indoor environment you deserve to enjoy at home.

If you have any questions about your air conditioner’s function, our AC repair experts will be happy to evaluate your home’s cooling system and make suggestions to improve its performance. You can reach us to schedule AC repair in Baltimore when you visit us online, where you can also find more tips on caring for your HVAC system and keeping it in prime condition all year long on our blog.

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